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August 15th, 2014

Williamsburg Spotlight: Vintage Shopping

There might be no better place for thrift store shopping than in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The combination of quirky, modern and hard-to-find pieces makes it a mecca for travelers willing to hunt. The tourists will flock to 5th Avenue but the in-the-know shoppers will head to Williamsburg. These thrift shops feature an interesting mix of items and are well worth the patience required of a seasoned thrift store shopper.

Awoke Vintage: This vintage store is known for its combination of selection, condition and pricing. It has the quintessential Brooklyn vibe that the neighborhood is famous for. Awoke Vintage is perfect when you’re willing to spend a bit more on vintage so that even in the crowded streets of NYC you’ll be an original in your new frock.

Atlantis Attic: This one is a BIG STORE. No high-priced, small racks here. Atlantis Attic is for shoppers who love the hunt. Almost everything is between $5-7 so you can fill up a cart for less than you think. The have military surplus gear, flannels, funky sweaters, jackets, boots (lots of boots) and purses. Get ready to hunt!

Olly Oxen Free Vintage: This store somehow manages to feel like a wall-to-wall treasure chest. Everything is carefully curated and you’ll find everything from old-school hippie to modern day hipster.

Urban Jungle: This is a moderately priced shop for all of your everyday pieces. Forget the 60’s and 70’s, Urban Jungle has a back room full of 40’s and 50’s pieces. This vintage shop is the real deal, no old Gap or H&M pieces here. Dresses are $35, shirts $15-25 and shorts $20-25.

Happy hunting!