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Who we are

The Condor Hotel is an affordable, premium hotel designed from the ground up to be an inviting oasis for both leisure and business travelers. While guests can take full advantage of our proximity to local shopping, food establishments, transportation, and "the City", the hotel retains its insulated, refined environment and decidedly serene character.

What we believe

We believe life is in the details. It is a series of moments, each of which contribute to the total experience. Our mission is to make time spent at the Condor a series of indulgent moments, each of which our guests find supremely gratifying and highly memorable. Our goal is to have our guests enjoy, and take pleasure, in each Condor "moment".

How we do it

Condor "moments" are the result of both planned and spontaneous guest interactions. From the upscale dócor, the expanded menu of amenities, and the little extras that make guests feel special, to the friendly smiles, and a service ethic which provides guests with a feeling that "they've arrived" --- each of these elements, when taken together, comprise the full Condor experience.