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September 8th, 2014

Please Don’t Tell

PDT (short for Please Don’t Tell), is one of the coolest speakeasies around. You’ll find a vintage phone booth within Crif Dogs. Pick up the phone and dial one. Once they answer… then you’re invited in.

Along with its high-quality classic cocktails and a well-chosen selection of beer and wine, you can also order food from Crif’s kitchen next door. A paper boat of foil-wrapped waffle fries goes nicely with a refreshing martini. PDT’s menu offers a smallish, bowling-alley-style burger, and four kinds of deep-fried dogs. Although you can put in special requests from the full Crif Dog menu next door, which includes our favorite, the New Yorker, Crif’s sole grilled all-beef frank.

As well as classic cocktails, mixologist Jim Meehan offers up irresistible original creations Try the old-fashioned made from bacon-infused bourbon and maple syrup! Another highlight is the Staggerac–a Sazerac made with 140-proof bourbon and absinthe.

When you’re looking for both your drink and your bar to have a special twist nothing compares to Please Don’t Tell. In fact, the only thing that will bring you closer to experiencing the authentic speakeasies of the 20’s and 30’s is a time machine. Barring access to one of those drink up at PDT!

(212) 614-0386
113 St. Marks Pl. , New York, NY 10009