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September 22nd, 2014

Secret Spot: Pomander Walk

On of the best kept secrets is New York is a tiny Tudor village tucked between Broadway and West End Avenue called Pomander Walk. It was built in 1921 to resemble the set of a hit London play at the time called Pomander Walk.

The Pomander Walk runs a full block on the Upper West Side. There are 27 Tudor-styled town homes, with 63 co-op apartments behind the exclusive gated enclave. One of the most recent apartments, at just 1,500 sq. ft., sold for over $1.5M. But with one of the most unique addresses in all of New York, space comes at a premium.

Truly an urban oasis with English gardens, Pomander Walk has attracted famous residents like Humphrey Bogart, Rosalind Russel, and Lilian Gish. In 1986 Woody Allen even exposed this enchanting Manhattan hideaway in Hannah and Her Sisters.

The history behind this unusual street is unique as well. In 1920, nightclub owner Thomas Healy bought a large portion of the block. He had hoped to build a grand hotel on the land and he created Pomander Walk as a temporary means of generating money until the necessary funds were raised, at which point it was to be razed.

Fortunately, Healy’s hotel was never built and Pomander Walk survives as the most unusual block on the Upper West Side.