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September 2nd, 2014

Self-guided Film Tour

Do you love classic New York movies? Then you’ll go crazy for this self-guided tour of NYC film locations. Follow in the footsteps of the stars…

Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Breakfast at Tiffany’s begins with one of the most classic scenes in American film history. With a French cruller in one hand and a hot coffee in the other, the young socialite marvels at the diamonds and pearls on the other side of the window. (Tiffany & Co.: 727 Fifth Avenue, at 57th Street)

The Godfather: Francis Ford Coppola’s mafia classic is about the clash of old-world and new-world values in an Italian-American gangster family. (Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral where Michael is christened to become Godfather: 264 Mulberry St.)

Annie Hall: As in most of his films, New York City plays a crucial role in Woody Allen’s critically-acclaimed classic, Annie Hall. (59th Street Bridge: Annie and Alvy kiss in a small park off E. 57th St. and Sutton Place with the East River and the 59th Street Bridge behind them)

Saturday Night Fever: From start to finish, Saturday Night Fever embodies the New York disco craze of the 1970s. (Lenny’s Pizza: 1969 86th St. at 20th Ave., Bay Ridge, Brooklyn)

Ghostbusters: Who you gonna call? Dan Akroyd and Bill Murray star as “parascientists” in this classic sci-fi comedy about four former professors who start a ghost-catching business in New York. (New York Public Library: Fifth Avenue at E. 42nd St.)