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Brooklyn Hotel Deals

Save on your stay

The Condor offers you the best Brooklyn hotel deals to help you save on your next visit to New York. Whether you’re sightseeing, here for an event, visiting a local university, or here on business, The Condor offers you Brooklyn hotel deals to enhance your stay

Sorry, this special is no longer available.

For current and upcoming specials, please see below:

Condor NYC

Enjoy 10% off your hotel stay when you book three nights or more at The Condor Hotel.

Condor NYC

The longer you stay, the bigger the deal. Book 5 nights or more & enjoy 15% off.

Condor NYC

It pays to plan ahead. Book 45 days in advance & enjoy 20% off with a minimum of 5 nights or more.

Condor NYC

Book 3 nights or more & enjoy 15% off when booking least 45 days in advance. Non-refundable.